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Cakes & PAstries


Classic Cheesecake

*topped with seasonal fruits

Persian Love Cake

Rosewater-infused white cake soaked in sweet milk with saffron custard, topped with candied pistachios

*Available GF

Cookies & Cream

Rich dark chocolate cake layered with crunchy Swiss Cookie bits topped with buttercream frosting

PB & J

Vanilla cake layered with jam, peanut butter whipped cream, topped with peanut butter ganache

Jenessa’s Strawberry

a harmonious blend of vanilla and strawberries. Dedicated to Jenessa Shapiro

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Classic Carrot Cake

Carrot cake with buttercream frosting

*available Gf and vegan

RED eye (V)

chocolate cake layered with coffee whipped cream and espresso bits

Caramel Chocolate

chocolate cake with salted caramel filling topped with chocolate frosting

*availble GF

Roasted Toasted Mama

Chocolate cake infused with Kahlua, Creme de Cacao with poured chocolate ganache

citrus herb cake

4” olive oil cake infused with herbs

*available gf and dairy free


PAin au chocolat

spinach ricotta croix

bacon & Egg Croix

Almond Apricot Puffs

lemon blueberry scones

raspberry chocolate scones

date scones (vegan)

chocolate scones (vegan)

basil Parmesan scones

Cheddar black pepper scones

blueberry, dark cherry chocolate, banana walnut, sweet cornbread muffin

cranberry pecan muffin (gluten free)

chocolate chip cookies

oat de spice cookies (gluten free)


fruit tart


kougin amman


Coffee & Tea


proudly serving Intelligentsia coffee


Breakfast blend

Earl grey

Jasmine green

Ginger peach




brewed drip coffee

cold brew



Malted Milk latte



Habanero Mocha

House Chai - hot or iced

Hot chocolate

chocolate milk

agua fresca (varies by season)

*almond and oat milk available